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Through CPR/Defibrillator (PAD) education, AED Placement & the equipment loan program, the NPA improves the Chain of Survival.

CPR Manikin Loan Program

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The Niagara Paramedic Association has created an opportunity for furthering education in the Community. The goal of the Niagara Paramedic Association is to assist CPR Instructors by providing teaching materials for the purposes of training with content with CPR Curriculum's. The Niagara Paramedic Association has access to various resources including adult mannequins, child mannequins and AED trainers. Before requesting any material you must fill out the following form and return it to the NPA. Subsequent orders can be placed by phone, text or emails and may be kept for up to three weeks.
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Niagara EMS Pedal Angel Program

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The Niagara EMS Pedal Angels are a group of dedicated paramedics who have been raising funds and placing Automated External Defibrillators (AEDs) throughout the region of Niagara. The Pedal Angels have been working provincially with the Heart and Stroke Foundation and regionally with Heart Niagara and Niagara EMS to enhance a community's ability to respond to sudden cardiac arrest. Over the last three years the Pedal Angels have raised more than $80,000 and have placed 32 AEDs throughout the region. The goal of the Niagara EMS Pedal Angels is to make the Niagara Region the safest 'Heart Safe' region in the province.
In September of 2012 the Pedal Angels devised a strategy of developing entire communities as 'Heart Safe Communities', one community at a time throughout the Niagara region. Last year our team, working with local community volunteers developed Niagara's first 'Heart Safe' community in the Township of Wainfleet. Currently Wainfleet has 15 AED units placed throughout the community and more than 200 trained as emergency responders. This year we will be working with community volunteers in Niagara on the Lake to place between 30-40 AED units and train an additional 500 local emergency responders with the goal to establish Niagara on the Lake as Niagara's second 'Heart Safe Community'.
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