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Paramedic Benefits

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Tangible Member Benefits
The Ontario Paramedic Association has the following member benefits for all chapters:
  • NEW! Legal Protection available for all Paramedic members & Associate members
  • Included subscription to Canadian Paramedicine magazine
  • Included membership with the Ontario Paramedic Association
  • Included membership with the Paramedic Association of Canada
Online Member Benefits
The Ontario Paramedic Association finances the following provincial member benefits for all Primary Chapters & Secondary Chapters (members from across Ontario have access to these benefits by logging into their own website):
  1. Award Nominations
  2. Deals for Paramedics
  3. Forms and Documents
  4. Job Postings
  5. Scholarship Awards
For more information, please contact the Ontario Paramedic Association. Thank-you.

Technological Chapter Benefits
The Ontario Paramedic Association finances the following items for all chapters included in our web matrix:
  • Canada Post Address Complete
  • Domain Name registration & hosting
  • Open North Political Research Technology
  • Unified SSL Security Certificates

How to Join (Full Paramedic members & Associate members)

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  1. Full Paramedic members ($19.50/month) & Associate members ($14.08/month) will be asked to upload any one of the following in jpeg or pdf format:

    • "Void Cheque" image, or
    • "Pre-Authorized Debit Authorization" from your bank, or
    • "Automatic Bill Payment Form" from your bank

  2. You will then have the option to pay your dues monthly or annually
  3. Your member account will be authorized within 5 days
  4. You will receive your membership package in the mail within 60 days
  • Please have the image ready on your device before you begin your membership application
  • Most banks will allow you to download a copy of a Void Cheque, Pre-Authorized Debit Authorization or Automatic Bill Payment Form when you are logged into your bank account
  • As we are operated by volunteers, the only payment option available to Full Paramedic Members and Associate Members is Pre-Authorized Debit
  • We operate a very advanced and secure system that incorporates the latest banking technology

How to Join (Corporate members & Student members)

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  1. Please have your credit card information ready

    • Corporate members can pay or increase their account at any time
    • Student members pay dues for 1 year ($90.00) or 2 years ($160.00) of their paramedic program

  2. Your member account will be authorized within 5 days
  3. You will receive your membership package in the mail within 60 days
  • We are charged 3.5% for all credit card transactions
  • Only Corporate members & Student members are permitted to pay by credit card due to their short membership periods

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