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Lava Bead Bracelets help Niagara Paramedic Benevolent Fund

Date: 2018-03-01

 Two years ago, my daughter needed a fund raiser for her University, and with my love for essential oils, we came up with a signature design for a Lava Bead Bracelet. In two months, she was able to donate $140. to her cause of Cystic Fibrosis thru Mac Master University.

   Then she went back to school, and that is when I decided to keep making these bracelets, but needed a new charity to focus on.   I have been a paramedic in Niagara for over 30 years, and over time I have seen many of my colleges in need. When I looked into what we can offer as a group, I realized that our Niagara Paramedic Association's Benevolent Society Fund was grossly underfunded. It was then that I decided to make it my charity of choice.

   Since starting, I have made over 2000 bracelets, selling to fellow colleges and friends as I see them, and now have them on display for sale at 5 locations. My price point is low, but I have made over $13,000, with a profit so far of over $6,000.

   For the month of October, I made special pink bracelets and donated $2 per bracelet to Breast Cancer. I was able to donate $250!

   My goal has always been to raise awareness of the importance of our Benevolent Fund, to help the families of my fellow medics and dispatchers when they need it the most.    Having that conversation of this charity while meeting with many wonderful people as this journey progresses, as well as the making of these bracelets themselves has been very therapeutic.


 You can find more information on my FaceBook page, or contact me directly at:




 Nancy Campbell Niagara EMS, ACP.



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