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andrusiw-NPA Paramedic

Scholarship Award


Olga Andrusiw's life was typical of many immigrants. Along with her husband Larry, she worked hard in her new country building a better life. Upon Larry's death a few years ago she remarked to her friend Marg Cyr that she was very appreciative of the help provided to her husband by paramedics in Niagara. So appreciative, in fact, that upon her death she bequeathed a $530,000 gift to support education and training for paramedics.

The Niagara Community Foundation then worked with Niagara College and the Niagara Paramedic Association to create a fund to support educational opportunities for paramedics. Olga's gift ended up leveraging an additional $200,000 in support due to a bursary matching program that was available to the College. In the fall of 2012, first bursaries from the Andrusiw - Niagara Paramedic Association Scholarship Program were given to ten paramedic students. A fund was also created at the Foundation to support in-service paramedic or first aid training.

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As a result of working with the Foundation and Sylvain Lepine of the Niagara Paramedic Association, Olga's desire to show her appreciation for the compassionate and sensitive treatment by paramedics was not only met but surpassed," said Marg Cyr, executor of the estate. “It not only honours the paramedics, but also Olga and Larry Andrusiw, and demonstrates how a couple of even modest means can provide a remarkable gift which will benefit this and other communities in perpetuity."

Olga passed away May 30th, 2010 at the St. Catharines General Hospital in her 75th year.

Because of the caring, compassion, warmth, sensitivity, respect, and professionalism Niagara's Paramedics demonstrated to both Olga and Larry, the NPA was presented with this amazing gift. This was Olga's way of honoring and giving back to those of you who gave her and her beloved Larry such outstanding service.

In 2014 Olga Andrusiw's Legacy the "Andrusiw-NPA Paramedic Scholarship Award" proudly announced the release of 25 scholarships province wide between Niagara College and the NPA-NFC organizations. These students were presented with scholarships to accomplish their goal for advancement in their profession.

Scholarships Open August of each year please visit often to review availability

Every year will see the distribution of 10 Scholarships at Niagara College and a number Province wide

for a total of 20 - 26 Scholarships.

Scholarship Opportunities

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